Signet CLC CLC Rules

A good community needs good rules.

The members of the Crypto Lifestyle Community (CLC in short) consider themselves pioneers and pacesetters of the new money system and have the common goal to make the Crypto Lifestyle possible for many people worldwide and to carry the advantages of Cryptos into the world collectively.

Our cooperation is based on the basic values of trust, respect and willingness to help. Therefore we ask you to abide by the following rules if you want to become a member of the CLC.

We appreciate the authenticity of our members. Therefore we do not allow anonymous registration. Please enter your real name, your email address, phone number and the country you live in. Upload a profile picture of yourself. These are the basic requirements for you to be considered a trustworthy member.
Your membership is valid for one year (365 days) from the date of subscription. After expiration you decide yourself whether you want to remain a member of the CLC. No termination is necessary..
We want you to feel comfortable with us right from the start. Therefore we have designed the access to CLC in such a way that every new member has a contact person (mentor) who is responsible for the initial introduction and orientation. This person invited you to join us. In addition, please keep to the following order of information in case of further questions:
    a)  Read the CLC FAQs and Code of Honour and view the Site-Tour.
    b)  Search the wiki and forum using the search function
    c)  Consult your mentor (if known)
    d)  Consult the forum or a group
    e)  Open a support ticket
The CLC is not a recruitment portal! Your public posts in groups, forums, chats and events will please remain free of MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) links. Affiliate links however are allowed with this note: “This affiliate link pays commissions.”
Our community offers a protected and trustful environment. Therefore, please do not disclose any information about other members (e.g. their names, phone numbers, addresses or private details), personal contributions or other sensitive data to third parties and do not publish them outside the CLC.
Please take full responsibility for your actions. Nobody is responsible for your decisions, your success or failure, except yourself! Therefore, abstain from blaming, accusations, claims for damages or similar at any time.
Never share passwords, public keys or other sensitive data with other members. Also the CLC Support or the CLC Admins will never ask you for these.
We take it for granted that you do not pursue any activities that could harm the CLC. You are a part of us and act like a fair team member. We respond to violations of the community rules or our code of honor with a first reminder and in serious cases with exclusion from the community.

Your activity is highly appreciated! Participate in discussions, share your opinions and experiences in the forums and chats. Particularly active members quickly acquire special rights with us and enjoy a high level of recognition and trust.
Be helpful especially to the new, inexperienced members. For the vast majority of people, the world of cryptos is still completely new terrain.
We treat each other with respect and openness. Insults or verbal attacks will not be tolerated.
Instructions from moderators help to make the cooperation as good as possible for all members. Please follow their instructions and treat them with respect.
Person-to-person conversations belong to private chats or private messages, not to public discussions.
The CLC members are particularly excited about high-quality contributions and posts. Avoid, wherever possible, meaningless contributions and give feedback only where it makes sense and where it is desired. The others will thank you.
Please avoid spreading rumors and assumptions that could unnecessarily irritate other members.

Legal matters
CLC does not offer any kind of investment advice, buy or sell recommendations, trading signals or portfolio analysis. Individual experience reports, background analysis, expert opinions and market developments are, however, absolutely desirable.
The use of legally protected content (pictures, videos, music, etc.) is only permitted with appropriate permission and in compliance with the legal labelling requirements. Texts, pictures, graphs etc. must therefore be marked with appropriate bibliographical sources and may only be posted if they are released for distribution.
The use of legally prohibited or immoral content (violence, pornography, discrimination, etc.) is of course prohibited. The posting of illegal, fraudulent or suspicious offers, websites, etc. is also prohibited.
An intentional advertisement of fraudulent systems (scams, scam coins, Ponzi or pyramid schemes etc.) leads to exclusion from the CLC.
Links to external sources are of course allowed, but CLC cannot be held responsible for linked content. We also reserve the right to remove links which violate the rules listed here.

Thank you for respecting our rules!